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About us

Original 420 Brand™ is a high-quality vaping formula developed by state-of-art laboratories collaborating to create a superior product from the finest ingredients available. Our formulas base product uses Organic Vegetable Glycerin and high caliber CBD to create a flavor profile and cloud quality that is unmatched. Our customers will immediately recognize the taste and cloud of our Original 420 Brand™ CBD infused E-Liquid as the best available on the market.

Original 420 Brand™ is constantly compared against top selling competing products. Our exclusive brand is the measuring stick for our competitors.


What Makes us different

  • Original 420 Brand™ has unique and recognizable branding in the CBD infused marketplace.
  • Our pipeline consistently contains new products
  • We utilize Organic Vegetable Glycerin to improve our flavor profiles
  • We have 3 nicotine levels to offer variety to our customers
  • We offer five awesome and distinct flavors



Wade Atteberry – CEO

Wade has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit his entire life. His first foray into business began at the age of 18 when he started his ownconstruction company. After some time developing the company, Wade decided it was time to pursue a new entrepreneurial journey, one that led him to create the Original 420 Brand™. The story of Original 420 Brand™ begins with Wade’s personal life. As a two-time cancer survivor, Wade understands and embodies the word, tenacity. While under chemotherapy, Wade used the cannabis plant to help overcome the debilitating side effects of his cancer treatment, literally saving his life from ‘wasting’ effect. Since then, he has been an ardent political and financial supporter, spreading information about the medical value of the cannabis plant and how it has personally changed his life. Never shy of risk and adventure, Wade raced East Coast Oval circuits for many years and after retiring from competition on 4-wheels, began his street and road bike experiences. If he ever decides to slow down, it will take a couple years to write his book on: “Things You Should Tell Your Kids to NEVER DO!”. 

Original 420 Brand™ was born from this desire to help others realize the enormous potential of the cannabis plant. Since the beginning of Original 420 Brand™, Wade has navigated the company towards becoming a national brand. Wade’s leadership, perseverance, and personal experiences have equipped him with the ability to bind his vision to the company and its products.

Warren Atteberry – Opperations

Warren is the ancient wise one, father of founder Wade Atteberry., aka: Wade Westover. Many years in sales, and working towards a positive evolution of humankind and our planet. For over 40 years,warren has actively worked with individuals in personal development, mentally and spiritually. He is trained in multiple disciplines as a Massage therapist, and as a leader of group and individual explorations into self-awareness and personal awakening. Warren is currently providing management and general organization to the business, holding true our Original 420 Brand™ mission of personal health, and societal education for the value of natural products of healing. He is committed to changing the culture of ‘drug wars’ and incarceration, into a freedom and personal responsibility based society. Contact Warrena@original420brand.com with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our company, our products, or our service.

Marcos Johnsons – Sales

Marcos’ focus is to develop long term relationships with our partners which allow them to maximize profitability via our incredible line of products. In his own words:

“I never think I’m the best salesman in the world, I just know there’s no one better”

To get a better sense of how we relate to Marcos around the office, here is a clip from The Los Angeles Times (June 14, 2007|Chris Lee | Times Staff Writer):

“ABOUT two years ago, the poems began arriving in Joaquin Phoenix’s mailbox, small batches of them, day after day, for weeks — poetry that was unsolicited, previously unpublished and rawer than steak tartare.

Written by Marcos Johnson, a former TV casting agent with an extreme personality, their jagged stanzas spoke of bruised romanticism and hardscrabble street life — Bukowski-esque narratives of chemical excess and personal redemption born out of Johnson’s white-knuckle experiences working the LA entertainment scene over several decades. Phoenix found them impossible to put out of mind.

“Marcos’ words didn’t seem like they’d been written. More like they’d been discharged,” Phoenix recalls in a loopy exegesis about the work he put together earlier this month. “I wanted others to read it … So … I thought about doing a book combining my photography and using Marcos’ words as the inspiration for the photographs.”


Marcos makes coming to the Original 420 Brand™office every day an adventure!  We are pleased to have him.  Store managers, call today and find out how Marcos can help you make money for your business!


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